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Child at Home – Short Indie Game Where Your Parents Leave you Home for the End of the World

Child at Home is a short indie horror game where you’re left home alone and experience the apocalypse. Your dad drives off to work because he was called in for urgent business. Shortly after, you start seeing messages from the government on TV about a civil defense warning.

Your dad keeps calling you back and says everything is fine though, just lower the windows shutters! You can explore the house and find out a bit more about whats happening. There’s a newspaper describing the latest events, and another message on the PC in the corner. If you jump up on the counter, there’s also a neat little Easter egg.

Child at Home is a pretty short horror game that you can complete in about 5 minutes. I really liked the theme and shocking end to it. It makes you image what would happen in real life if this situation ever were to happen. It also brings up the thought that this could actually happen.

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