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Do Not Take Your Eyes Away From the Red Fridge – Horror Game

Do Not Take Your Eyes Away From the Red Fridge is a short horror game where you have to stop a suspicious red fridge. Anytime you move your eyes away, it starts inching towards you. You have to quickly shuffle through the notes and pictures on the ground to find the hidden magnetic letters. You can only stop the fridge by finding out it’s name.

You can also temporarily stop the fridge with the nearby doll. Apparently it plays a song it likes, but it’ll eventually break. It gives you plenty of time to find everything though. If you don’t find the letters in time, the fridge will come right up to you and eat you.

The main character stubbornly refuses to leave his chair, or he’d have a much easier time. The letters are hidden all over. In the dryer, under notes, anywhere. Spell out his name “Defrig” to stop him and escape!

Do Not Take Your Eyes Away From the Red Fridge was a fun, short game that takes around 5 minutes to win if you don’t get eaten. I especially liked the idea of the fridge monster. It can get pretty tense towards the end when he’s getting very close and you only need one last letter. It’s available for free on Steam and

The Story

The creator wrote quite a bit of backstory on the page too. You play as Frank, a man who has been stuck in his basement with the fridge. Him and his daughter moved into the house after the previous owner mysteriously disappeared. One day he found his daughters doll and crayons near the fridge in the basement. He found out the culprit was the fridge.

He spent days staring at the fridge, fearing for his life and trying to get his daughter back. This game is also meant to be a demo, the first episode of a bigger game in development. However nothing has come out since the games release in 2020.

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