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Next Door – A Short Cinematic Pixel Horror Game

Next Door is a short horror game inspired by Junji Ito’s manga. You’re trying to study, but your neighbor upstairs is blasting his music. When you go up to ask him to turn it down, he says its not even that loud! He’ll only turn it down if his neighbor complains, but nobody answers when you knock on their door. At least until you start walking away, then a creepy figure dressed in all black comes out.

The guy you originally went there to talk to hides in his room, and you go back downstairs. We’ve only seen one person come from there, but he said multiple people live there. What’s odd is nobody ever hears them, despite living in an apartment with thin walls. The music suspiciously stops when you go downstairs, and the guy you talked to before is gone.

Next Door Title Screen Graphic
Title Screen Graphic

Their appearance is revealed when you go back upstairs at night. You look through a hole in the wall and it looks like they’re taking screws out of their arm. Whatever it is, looks back and catches you watching. It seems they’re a creature with mechanical limbs they can adjust. There’s a frightening and neat cutscene where they crawl through the window on the second floor.

It takes about 10 minutes to play through. Next Door has an interesting story with a unique and terrifying monster. It starts off as bright and colorful, and turns to horror at a good pace. The background art, like the city added a lot of charm to it. The cutscene with the monster reveal was like something out of a movie, if it were done in pixels.

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