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Siren Head – A Short Urban Legend Horror Game

Siren Head is a short PS1 style horror game created for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam in 2018. You’re a forest ranger looking for a hiker who went missing at the Pine Ridge Hiking Trail. We follow the path to find out where they went. We examine the clues to find out their fate!

Siren Head Hiking Trail Sign
Pine Ridge Hiking Trail

There’s a short path to follow with some clues along the way. Some clothes, other scraps, and a backpack that most likely belongs to the missing hiker. There’s a pretty loud alarm sound in the background. I thought it was the hikers care at first, but turns out it wasn’t.

At the end of the path is a gruesome sight, so it’s time to leave. Right behind you, the beast Siren Head towers above. You can just barely slip out of his grasp. Luckily he’s slow enough to escape. The sirens blast out a variety of random and strange sounds like what you would hear from an emergency announcement.

Although short, it was a fun experience. The atmosphere feels like a calm forest at night, and the PS1 graphics fit together well. The cryptid/monster Siren Head is a fun concept, and if you liked this game there’s quite a few other games about him.

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