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Cabin – Short Indie Browser Game

Cabin is a short horror game about a man who has to take shelter in a cabin after wrecking his truck. You’re driving around in the forest in total darkness looking for your hiking trail. You find the path you were looking for, but you lose control of your truck as soon as you see the sign.

Since it’s dark and cold out, you decide to camp out for the night. Following the path you find a community cabin. Along the way, you might catch a glimpse of an unwelcome creature. It looks like someone was in there, but when you go inside, it’s empty.

That’s very suspicious considering there’s nothing else around, and they certainly wouldn’t be hiking at night. It’s a cozy little cabin, but that feeling doesn’t last for long. Something is outside.

Taking around 5 minutes to complete, Cabin has a good horror story with an immersive winter environment. The monster encounter is terrifying and a good ending.

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