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The Polaris Incident Indie Horror Game Review

On a top secret VHS tape NASA released, the fate of three men who were launched into space was revealed. The Polaris Incident is a first person horror game where you explore the ship to find out what happened. NASA has finally released the tape, but refuses to explain anything in it.

It’s a lot of walking without much actual gameplay. Exploring the ship turned out to be a really creepy experience though. You feel so alone, and you’re in space so that feeling is magnified. One of the most unexpected and horrifying things to hear in space would be a knock on the outside door. So that part was a perfect addition.

The Polaris incident is a pretty short horror game, though the exploration and atmosphere was great. We don’t get too many space indie horror games, at least as I’ve seen recently! So it was nice to see another Space themed game jam.

There’s a few bugs, but they aren’t too noticeable. The creator was rushed so these things happen, since that’s the way game jams can be. There’s also not much direction given, it was pretty confusing to think of where to go next. If you keep walking around, you’ll figure it out though.

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