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Dagon – H.P. Lovecraft Visual Novel about the Ocean Deity

Dagon is an interactive horror story based on the original H.P. Lovecraft novel. You experience the story through the eyes of a lost sailor during WWI. After having to abandon ship, you float away on an escape shuttle and become stranded in the ocean. After drifting away for days, you wake up to a strange and dark world.

The world is slimy, smells like fish, and has unknown creatures from the sea scattered around. Even though the sun is out, the sky is completely black. The environment is immersive and beautiful. It’s perfect for telling this story, you can tell the creator put extra care into it. The trivia like the facts about H.P. Lovecraft’s life was a great addition. I’m a fan of his other works, and I learned a lot I never knew before.

The story Dagon is about the god of the Sea, and the horrors of his world. It even contains the first instance of Cthulu in his stories. There’s been a movie and a few other games that are inspired by it, but few depict it this accurately.

The trivia facts also provide good context for the scenes. Everything fits together perfectly for the time period, such as the war, use of morphine, and the characters living condition. I would highly recommend playing through this. Its entertaining the entire way through. The voice acting and environment is excellent.

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