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Black Gold – Enjoy a Late Night Beer and a Horror Game

Black Gold is a short horror game where you talk about your late father while chilling under the Texas stars with your brother. It’s really not scary, but there is some existential horror depending on which options you choose.

You see, it turns out your father also had some sort of drug stash. Depending on what you talk about, it seems you even tried them out. Bummer, up until now they haven’t done anything. Before either of them realize it, they are tripping into a dimension where you meet a godly monster! That was actually a pretty cool part. However, meanwhile they are dead in real life.

Black Gold trippy orange monster in the sky
Probably should have left that stash alone…

Black Gold has some heartwarming and memorable moments. It’s actually a pretty relaxing game if you go the other routes. The background is a great work of art. Although black and white, it’s immersive and beautiful. There’s the oil rig, shooting stars, and just the darkness of the forest. The only other noise are the creatures of the night. Makes you almost want to be there!

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