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Stargazing 64 – A Beautiful N64 Inspired Cosmic Horror Game

Stargazing 64 is a short cosmic horror game where you gaze at the stars and tour a small park in the outdoors. We wait until it’s dark to bring out the telescope and start looking for the brightest stars. The creator also designed the game with the idea to provoke a feeling of astromegalophobia.

Even though it’s a small area, the world design has a colorful and peaceful feel. It’s definitely worth walking around for a while to check everything out first. The small bridge, the pond, the grass, and everything else are some great extra details. After looking around, there’s a telescope in the gazebo you can pick up.

Night Time and Star Gazing

As you pick up the telescope, it slowly turns to night. The stars come out and the surrounding area lights up with lanterns and lightning bugs. Once it’s dark, you can look around in the sky with the telescope to find some stars. Interestingly, it uses the names and distances of actual stars. It also has a fun fact about each of them. However, the last star seems a little bit different than the others.

Stargazing 64 UY Scuti Screenshot
UY Scuti – One of the largest known stars

Although short, Stargazing 64 is a beautiful game with a lot of color and good vibes. It was sort of a relaxing experience at first instead of a horror game. I loved the way the environment changes at night too. The lamps turn on, and the light bugs come out over the small pond.

Created by Warrrkus in a few hours as an exercise to recreate the iconic N64 look. You’ll definitely feel at least a little bit of nostalgia and familiarity if you’ve played an N64 in the early days. I would highly recommend playing it, the game takes less than 5 minutes to complete. I would’ve liked to see a little more, maybe some more stars or other objects in the sky. If it was closer to 10 minutes, it would be even better, but I can’t complain much.

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