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Calm Time – A Disturbing Horror Game with a Sudden Twist

Calm Time is a pixel style horror game where you invite a group of strangers to your house for a party. Everything seems pretty normal at first, you just talk to some people and can check out the house.

Things get crazy real quick though. Most players didn’t expect it to go this way, and neither did I. When you get the knife out to help some woman cook dinner… well you only have one option for what you can use the knife for. It was a pretty good and horrifying twist. I thought the killer would come from the outside and we’d be a part of the survivors trying to escape.

It also made me wonder if what I did at first could have been a mistake. That is until we go to the basement. Not sure who that is tied up, but that was just as creepy as the stabbing. Maybe his wife or girlfriend? Seems that didn’t go well.

Calm Time – Silence is Law!

Calm Time chasing down a victim with a knife
“I live in a small cottage isolated from town. Silence is law, in such a place.”

Although it’s a heavily pixelated game, the deaths are surprisingly scary and gruesome. There’s just complete silence and the screams of the victims when you find them. That made it difficult to keep playing really, but we all wanted to see how the game would turn out. Sadly, he doesn’t even spare the poor kid, that was tough.

Along the way we see the ghost girl keep appearing, but it doesn’t stop our psychopathic and maniacal rampage. She’s no threat and doesn’t really do much, though her appearance is pretty unsettling. After a while it actually gets hard to find the last few survivors. The yard is really big, and they can all run faster than you. Kind of frustrating, but they deserve the chance I guess.

Calm Time is one of my all time favorite horror games. It has an excellent twist and is creepy from beginning to end. Good for if you’ve ever wanted to play as the bad guy. I’d highly recommend it!

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