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Forest Stairs – A Weird Short Horror Game About Stairs

Forest Stairs is a short horror game about a random set of stairs you come across in the middle of the forest. The game is based on the actual Forest Stairs Conspiracy. In real life, there are strange sets of stairs to lead to nowhere in many parks and forests.

The conspiracy makes all sort of bizarre claims, including that if you climb one of these it could lead to another dimension, hell, or some other place. Some believers reason it’s a reason why kids go missing in national forest. The climb one of the stairs and are never seen again. Some of the more tame explanations just say you’ll feel unusually nauseous, or unwelcome.

Anyway, Forest Stairs was a short and interesting horror game that got me into the conspiracy. The first time I played I had no idea what to do, so you might wanna check out the page for hints first. Or else you’ll end up going up and down the stairs forever.

The layout of the game was pretty well done, besides the sky box. It kind of broke immersion because it’s not properly set, and you can see the seams of the image plus the warping at the top. There is a jump scare, which would have been better if it wasn’t as loud. I’m just usually never a fan of those, I like “creepy, unsettling” horror games more. I also like the story of the conspiracy, it almost sounds like an SCP to me.

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