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Going Home – An Unsettling Walk Home in the Dark

Going Home is a short horror game where you walk home from a dark bus stop that’s lit up by a single street light. As you turn the corner into an alleyway for the final stretch back, it feels like you’re being followed.

Once you reach some writing on the walls that says to look behind you, the dark creature or person shows up right behind you. It might take you a few tries to get used to the game mechanic, but you have to look back to stop him from following. Look too long and the screen going to static, and he gets you. That reminded me of the original Slenderman game a lot!

Although a bit short, Going Home is an excellent horror game with a dark and spooky atmosphere. The ambient music was a good choice that really set the mood. There’s constant extreme darkness, and the lamps being the only points you can see made it all the more unsettling.

The shadowy figure with the white eyes made it one of the creepiest short horror games I’ve played. Sadly, there is no good ending, but it was still a fun one anyways. There was never any escape from the villain in the first place!

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