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The Graveyard Shift – A Secret Pact Lurks Beneath

The Graveyard Shift is a PS1 style horror game where you’re working alone at night in a supermarket. You get a strange call, but nobody on the other end says anything. Who would be calling that late? Getting back to work, you have to move boxes from around the store to the front. You can walk around the store to check it out, and can take a peek outside to the nearby stores. You don’t end up having to move them all, it does get pretty tedious.

Eventually you hear a sound at the back, and you go take a look. The game quickly changes from colorful, and boring grocery store music to an abrupt horrific message. A shocking message greets you “Where is Gus?” He’s nowhere around the store so you go through the back to search for him.

The Graveyard Shift Where is Gus?
Where is Gus?

You stumble across a homeless man and pay him off. I didn’t select “No” but I’m assuming the same thing happens, and he tells you that Gus lies below along with a bunch of extra info that the world is ending soon etc. Can we really believe his ramblings?

You can enter the sewers through an open manhole on the other side of the city. It’s pretty easy to get lost in this part as well. There’s a lot of dead ends, and it can take a while to find the hidden entrance. Opening up the door, a massive abomination lives at the center of the sewers of the metropolis.

The Graveyard Shift was created by Neurobrew for the HPS1 Wretched Weekend Jam I. The graphics were a bit too low res, at least inside the store it seemed that way. They used the Haunted PS1 rendering pipeline, but it looks like the creator might have tried to give it a VHS look too.

Either way, it had a good story and you should try it out! It takes about 10-15 minutes total, but I recommend staying until the end. They have an epic ending soundtrack I kept the game open to listen to.

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