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The Ward – A Weird Horror Game Prison With Friendly Monsters

You wake up in The Ward, a strange prison where you make friends with other monsters. The first prisoner you meet is the pig, who’s actually really friendly. Nobody knows how they got there, but some of them seem to know you somehow? Though the game never explains how they do.

It’s a pretty small and dark place, but somehow the others make it feel comfortable despite being in prison. The pig asks you for a few things and more doors open up during your search. Something to watch on TV, some cigarettes, food. He’s a pretty cool guy and appreciates the small things. Even the baseball tape, even though he doesn’t really like it.

Making Friends in The Ward

The Ward ending scene with all of the monsters sitting at the table

You meet the leg monster and help her make dinner for everyone. You gather them up and it’s a happy ending with a good message. If you plugged in the toaster, the one tweaker guy won’t be there sadly, but he didn’t seem to mind his end. I played a second time so I could include him and see if anything different happened.

The Ward turned out to be a really uplifting game with a good ending. I wish it was a longer game, or that we got a bit more story. Though everyone looks like a monster, including you, they all turned out to be good friends. It’s one of my favorite and most memorable indie horror games that I’ve played. It’s a highly immersive and colorful game with quality voice acting.

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