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Timberlodge Inn – VHS Style Horror Game Review

Timberlodge Inn is a VHS style horror game where you stay overnight at a motel that has a history with a dangerous cult. You were on a trip to the city of Firemore, but had to take a break after the exhausting trip.

After waking up in the middle of the night to partying going on, you can explore the rest of the motel and open up all the doors. Strange there’s so much noise when the clerk said you’re the only person there. Anyways, there’s a few things left behind by the cult in some of the rooms, so you have to keep looking around. There’s a few random creepy bits around the place like the paper smiley face in the shower… that was a good one.

Timberlodge Inn Cult Story

At some points it’s kind of hard to move on because the game doesn’t give you much direction. Just keep opening doors and looking around, you’ll find something new eventually. After finding the cult book, the clerk finally tells you about the Timberlodge Inn’s history.

The desk clerk, Howard has some pretty good jokes, even when he tells you about the cult. He treats it like no big deal, and just kind of says “Okay I guess I have to tell you.” Being the only other character, he was perfect. Though he really thinks the cult business is just a bunch of crap made up to attract curious tourists to Firemore.

Timberlodge Inn is an immersive and even comical VHS horror game. I always like when VHS horror games have the intro’s like it’s an actual horror move. It gets me into the game and story from the start.

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