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The Smiling Man Review – Indie Horror Game

A creepy man in a suit with a smile on his face watches you from the darkness on your way to the market overnight. The Smiling Man is a horror game inspired by the short film 2AM: The Smiling Man by Michael Evans.

Coming across The Smiling Man was spookier than I expected. The night is silent, and nobody else is around, then from across the street is that thing watching you. Even scarier than him is the menacing music tracks that play when he randomly shows up when you least expect him.

The walk to the market is pretty spooky at some points. There’s one point where it’s almost entirely pitch black and all you can see is the stars! I thought he’d be after me at that point for sure. The notes left on the ground are a pretty good intro before you see The Smiling Man too. Especially since the first once with the creepy smile is left right in front of your house.

The Smiling Man was developed by Noxus Game Studio who makes other movie inspired horror games. One of his other games Timberlodge Inn is another one of my favorites! It’s a great short PS1 style horror game with a spooky atmosphere and unique villain.

The Smiling Man All Endings

The Smiling Man creepy note with the smiling symbol

Originally the game had 3 endings but was later updated to 4 endings. There’s 2 good, 1 bad, and the true ending. The one most people get first is the bad ending, which is if you stay in the store at the end and check out the body. He eventually breaks in and gets you.

To get the first good ending, you have to take the keys off the counter. Then after he knocks twice, you’ll get a chance to leave through the main doors. Take the truck and drive off! The other good ending, which was the newest ending is if you phone the police. Leave the store and run to the red phone booth across the street. It’s not too far down and is pretty easy to spot.

You can get the true ending by running back home and getting into your house. You have to be quick though because he’ll be right on your a*s the entire time! Try to run next to some streetlight poles to slow him down. He can attack and kill you still while you’re unlocking the door if he was close enough.

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