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Skinned Alive – Retro Style Indie Horror Game Review

Kidnapped by a serial killer and locked in a cell, you have to find a way to escape before he comes back. Skinned Alive is a PS1 style horror game taking place in a haunted dungeon that seems to change shape. Throughout the building are his victims, and creepy satanic artifacts left behind.

Most of the cells are locked, but you have to keep looking around to find the right way out. At many points, the game was a lot of just constantly checking doors. Besides the threat of the serial killer, the place is also apparently haunted. Especially the wheel chairs. The path transforms as you move on, forever leading you to more locked doors.

The intro to the game was probably my favorite part. Though the guy who strangles you and drags you off doesn’t look like the killer at all. The escape and the game detailing everything like the flashlight was pretty well done. Some good story telling to start off with, but the rest of the game didn’t have that.

Skinned Alive Both Endings

The ending was pretty good, the chase was thrilling and the last door with a glimmer of light coming through it gave you some hope. Only to crush it as you can’t go through. Unless you were quick enough to grab the key from the vent in the last room right before the exit. Luckily no ending involves us actually being skinned alive. The amount of failed doors opening was kind of boring. However, the atmosphere and creepy bits left around the cells were the best parts.

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