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Where’s Mom? Review – A Spooky and Immersive Horror Game

While watching after your sick sister while your mom goes off to get herbs, she never comes back. Where’s Mom? is a horror game where you search for your mom in the darkness of the spooky mountains.

After talking to your sister, she gives you the ingredients list for the potion and we go looking. After playing the first time and getting lost, I realized everything is actually pretty close to the house. You can even see the flowers and mushrooms you need pretty close to the house. Don’t go wandering off, unless you want to explore a huge forest landscape! You’ll see what the potion might have been meant for later.

Where’s Mom Story Explained

Where's Mom full moon in the night sky
It’s a full moon tonight

When looking around the cave, you can find some notes that foreshadow what happens later. The first one outside the cave starting with “The Moon looks so brilliant…” Then inside the cave another saying they hear voices from outside calling them. It’s unclear who wrote them though, your mom or sister. The entire world seems to turn to monsters at night.

I was also only able to find 2/5 notes, I have no idea where the rest could possibly be. Maybe they’re somewhere else in the huge world the game has, but it’s absolutely massive and would take forever to even find one of them.

That’s probably my only complaint, is that it was confusing to play because of the world size. The first time I played, I went right off into the middle of nowhere thinking there were places to explore. It’s all seemingly more land though, there was nothing to do so I messed up there. The flowers alone are difficult to find. The game doesn’t tell you anything about where they are.

At first I thought the axe didn’t do any sort of damage to anything. I’m pretty sure you can’t kill the sneak, but I’ve seen other players kill the spider. Though there’s no real reason to do so since they’re all slow enough to outrun.

Closing Thoughts

Where’s Mom? is lacking a bit in instructions, but is a cozy immersive horror game with perfect background music. It’s a really good game choice to play for Halloween!

The music is really pleasant during the day. Then at night incredibly spooky. The soundtrack overall is 10/10, especially considering it’s a short game. All of the sound effects are perfect too. It was a surprisingly comfortable and immersive short horror game. The nighttime atmosphere is among one of my favorites in indie horror games I’ve played this year. The cracking of the lantern, the colors, the music. It’s a great combination.

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