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Citri Plays Noirwood Indie Horror Game Review

Citri Plays Noirwood is a Vtuber simulator where you play as a streamer that’s playing a horror game. Watching from the chat’s perspective you have to collect 7 relics hidden through Noirwood.

Every time you play through, the location of the runes is randomized. It’s actually pretty easy to get lost looking for them. Many of the paths end up looking the same so I got caught going in circles for a while. I was able to memorize them after dying a few times though. After the first few runes, you gotta be fast because the monster runs quicker. I’m also pretty sure he spawns closer to you more often! It’s a pretty good jump scare.

Whenever the monster randomly jumps to you, it’s pretty frustrating to run away. The screen centers around him, and you can unknowingly run into spikes at the edge of the screen. There’s just not enough room to do that sort of thing. Citri’s subtitles also cover up part of the screen, so your view is obscured a lot of times.

Besides that, Citri Plays Noirwood had a really neat concept and great ending. The gameplay is mostly walking, but it still has some spooky vibes. I’m usually not a fan of streaming, Vtubers, and such but it was a good horror game. Developed by AploveStudio in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 51.

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