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The Mortuary Assistant Review – Chilling and Unsettling

The Mortuary Assistant is a horror game where you work as an apprentice at the River Fields Mortuary. After a short trial with your boss watching, he likes you enough that you get the job! You come back on a rainy, dark night. Then the story picks up quickly from there… with Raymond revealing that he picked you because you were possessed by the demon that lives in one of the bodies. So he locks you in and leaves. Seriously, what a rat that Raymond is. Thanks dick.

You can’t leave unless you destroy the demon, and if you try, he controls your mind and forces you to come back. To identify the body that the demon is possessing and the sigils to burn with it, we have to use the tools from the Mortuary. Whether they be the bizarre occult style items Raymond left, or the usual tools you were originally planning to inspect and embalm the bodies with.

The Mortuary Assistant Story – Demons and Dead Bodies

The Mortuary Assistant trying to escape

Right from the beginning there are some moments that really give you the chills, and the horror hasn’t even started yet! Stuff like this normally doesn’t get me, but even moving the bodies out was really creepy. The way the light reflects off them, the physics when you move them around, it’s more realistic than I expected.

If it were me, I would’ve burned all the bodies and got on out of there. We’ll do our job though. It’s a bit complicated at first, but the building is pretty small and you’ll get used to finding everything. Getting used to the embalming.. that’s a bit tougher, especially when pumping in the fluid. As you go through the process, the demon slowly takes hold.

I like the way the game reveals the lore through the possession and the alternate realities you move through. Maybe her background is why she was made a target? The way the possession works is a neat countdown to your doom. With scribbling on paper being one of your main indicators.

The Mortuary Assistant All Endings

The Mortuary Assistant Ending Scene

The Mortuary Assistant has 6 different endings, depending on how far you get and if you choose the right body. The demon can end up possessing you, or you can survive and spend the rest of your life fighting demons. Personally, I liked the bad ending. At least we get revenge on Raymond. Either way the game goes on, and you spend another night choosing the right body to burn. For the best and final ending, you have to face a harsh reality in a deep conversation with your dad. It was happy and sad at the same time, though I wish there was an escape from this horrible job. He kind of tells you to keep going.

Review and Closing Thoughts

When the demo first came out, it was already looking good. The Mortuary Assistant was one of the creepiest and unsettling horror games of the year. The voice acting, graphics, and the horror experience are stunning and perfectly developed. It also has all of the charm of a short indie horror game. With the small, fun and detailed items you can interact with at home.

Should I Buy?

While I would highly recommend The Mortuary Assistant for it’s gameplay, the price is a bit much for how long it is. Though considering the developers effort it is a fair price. It’s currently at $22.49 because of the 10% off deal. If you go for all endings and take your time, the game will last about 2-3 hours long. You should check out the demo and gameplay video’s to see if you’ll like it.

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