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Spin to Win Review – A Dark Indie Horror Game Concept

In Spin to Win, you find yourself trapped in a concrete room with nothing but a hole in the ceiling. There’s no possible escape and it’s pitch black besides the light from your flashlight. Your only hope is to spin a prize wheel to at least get some food and water.

Every time you spin, a cheerful but distorted radio voice shouts out your prize like a sports announcer. Most of the time it’s useless junk that won’t help you out at all. It was still fun to see what nonsensical thing we might get next. Whether it be a box of chocolates or a severed bleeding arm they throw down the hole.

The game is also really thought provoking. Spin to Win feels like a bad fate that someone in Black Mirror might suffer. How did we end up in this concrete prison, and what’s the point of the game? For someone else to have fun at our expense? Unfortunately we don’t ever escape to find that out.

Spin to Win Final Thoughts

Your final prize is… Water! Lots of it, so much that it fills the entire room. I thought this might be our chance to escape, and swim out. Sadly we end up drowning, and don’t get to do anything with all of the fabulous prizes. It was Calvin’s (Coolvinice) first indie horror game he created. It’s a really fun concept, and turned out great.

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