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Concrete Tremor – A Dystopian Indie Horror Game Review

Set in a dystopian, grim world, Concrete Tremor is a horror game that lets you play a game of battleship with apartment buildings. You start the game from the perspective of one of the prisoners. It was a perfect opening for a game like this. They live in rough conditions, with some weird slop as food, and run down rooms.

Then you get a view from the roof, and then a look down at everything from a helicopter. I liked how we got to see everything this way, we got a pretty good look at the city which is entirely surrounded by walls. There’s a lot of mystery in this game right from the beginning, bringing forth my favorite questions and style of horror. Why are the prisoners here, and what/where even is this place? What is the point of the game? A very good question considering the ending as well, where we die no matter what happens.

Concrete Tremor Battleship Gameplay

Concrete Tremor NPCs talking about the massive walls outside

It can be difficult to destroy all of your opponents buildings before they get all of yours, so it usually takes a few playthroughs. There’s no randomness, which gives you an advantage later, but makes the game a bit less fun and less replayable. It’d also be better if you had more time, since your opponent either cheats or magically guesses five building locations at a time. You do get one chance where they have a complete miss.

Getting a complete miss earns the other player a phone call to a tenant. One which you always get. The line connects to them and you make up a lie about being from OSHA to fool them into giving them your location. Imagine the horror of that, giving someone your building number and then hearing a blast moments later.

Whether you win or lose the game, the ending is all the same. You pull out a pistol and put a final end to everything, there are no actual winners here. If you liked this game, you’d probably like a lot of other games by Mike Klubnika, which are set in dystopian worlds like this. Such as Carbon Steel or The Other Side.

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