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The Maker of Masks Review – An Intriguing Horror Game

In The Maker of Masks, you explore a world full of masked people in an unknown massive prison complex. After waking up and having a mask nailed your face to keep you alive, you wander around to find out just where you’ve ended up.

What’s strange is that your masks has no markings. The man who nailed you mask on explained there are ranks in this place. Masks with less markings are higher ranked. Prisoners have 3 markings, the guards have 2, then blacksmiths have 1. He isn’t sure what no markings means, it’s never been seen before. Though you can guess, it means you’re the highest ranked around.

Talking to prisoners, and the guards, they don’t even know why they’re doing their job or why they got picked for it. You eventually discover your masks was given to you by the former “Maker of Masks” who couldn’t suffer his job anymore. Even then, the maker didn’t know why he had to make masks. It’s impossible to tell how many there were before him. The outside is just more massive concrete prisons as well.

The Maker of Masks Lore Deep Dive

The Maker of Masks sitting at his desk with masks on the table

The Maker of Masks presents players with so many questions, but answers pretty much none of them. Who are you, and how did you get here? What are the meat hooks bringing the bodies in, and where do they lead in from?? Why are there prisoners, guards, and blacksmiths?

The entire operation of this place is so strange and I can’t think of any explanation that makes sense. It reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft’s style of horror, where the unknown makes everything more horrifying. The most likely explanation might be it’s a sort of purgatory, or hell. Will endless souls working towards something they know nothing about or how it event started. The lore is seriously intriguing and excellent for a short horror game. I’d definitely like to see more of this world.

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