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Night Stop Review – Creepy PSX Style Horror Game

During a drive back to your hometown, you spot a gas station that’s never been there before. Night Stop is a found footage PSX style horror game where you explore a mystery gas station, and get caught up watching the cursed video tapes of it’s past. Developed by Jonnys Games, the creator of another excellent horror game The Slide in the Woods.

What’s interesting about Night Stop is you play from a found footage perspective. Once you come out of the bathroom, the gas station changes completely. It’s dark, the creepy symbol shows up on the wall, and so does a VHS tape and TV. You pop in the VHS tape and witness the grim events of the past.

Night Stop PSX Aesthetics

Night Stop found footage view

The PSX style graphics and aesthetic were amazing, I’d give it a 9/10 in that category. The gameplay was a bit slow though, and the story was kind of vague. Walking around takes way too long at some points. A higher walking speed overall or a run button would’ve been helpful there. Mopping the blood up got me stuck for a moment too, though that could just be me being dumb. Took a sec to figure out you had to use the mop bucket after each spot.

I also didn’t understand much of what was going on. Though it was probably a cult sort of deal, where the gas station was there in the past and people were sacrificed there. So they had to tear it down.

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