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The Shadow Over Route 80 Indie Horror Game Review

Working your late night shift at EZ Gas, strange things start happening. The Shadow Over Route 80 is a horror game where you make your way through the seemingly haunted gas station. Stumbling across an old ruin and evil church, you have to collect skulls in hopes of an escape.

It’s pretty chill at first, you just clean up around the store and can check things out. Then a car with a bloody seat shows up out of nowhere, and it’s all downhill. The blood trail leads out to some cult ruin where you can catch a glimpse of some red glowing windows in the background. That part was great, and made me wonder what was going on in the background. Looking around, there’s 5 pillars fit for 5 skulls you need to find.

The Shadow Over Route 80 PS1 Style Horror

It is kind of dark, so finding some of the spots where skulls are hidden was tough. Two of the tricker ones are in the bathroom and on the road. You can follow road tracks to one. Then when facing the gas station, walk to the right to find the bathroom which houses another. The setting kind of reminds me of Puppet Combo’s Night Shift, the intro of Stay Out of the House. There’s a much different story though, and no customers to deal with.

All you had to do was finish your shift, instead you went ahead and summoned a world ending demon. Finally revealing why the game was called The Shadow Over Route 80, way to go. The scares after finding each skull were great, and the ending was best of all. The creepy shadows looking over you with the evil church finally visible was really spooky. Make sure to check in on this game! The developer plans to add some more scares and alternate endings.

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