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Santa’s Corpse is Coming to Town X-Mas Horror Game Review

Santa’s Corpse is Coming to Town is a short and terrifying horror game where you find Santa while on a walk in the forest. It’s been years since anyone has seen him, and now we know why, Santa has been dead.

This game was actually pretty disturbing, especially with the sounds of Santa breaking in and your mom screaming. Santa waking up in the woods when you brush off the snow was also very spooky. His angry expression is scary as hell. The pixel graphics were well done, and so were the snowy Christmas aesthetics.

Then there’s the second part of the game, where you search for candy canes in the woods while Santa chases you down. I don’t think this part of the game is beatable. Once Santa finds you, it’s basically game over. He won’t stop chasing no matter how far you go, he cheats big time. That’s not how this game is supposed to go Santa! Take some hints from Slender, or the other clones.

Walking through the dark forest was another thrilling part. The entire game was really good at keeping up the pace of how scary it was. Especially once you lose the first time and know Santa will be right on your a*s in no time.

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