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Why is Office Coffee So Bad? – An Office Horror Game

Why is Office Coffee So Bad? is both a good question and a title to an indie horror game. Taking place in a typical office cubical, you sip at some coffee while typing away meaningless nonsense on your PC. You broke one important rule though, and the entire world is pissed at you for it.

You drank coffee… at the desk. A terrible crime apparently. You can’t see much outside your cubical, but you can see the roof which is bizarrely very high above you. After a few sips, an annoying intrusive, bug eyed coworker bugs you about your coffee. The way he complains about your coffee drinking seriously reminds me of Office Space. We say nothing at all despite his constant yapping, a very satisfying case of ignoring a coworker we all wish we could do.

The horror game part really comes from the reality that some people face, of stupid office rules. Why is Office Coffee So Bad reflects that well, with a great sense of humor. The boss’s voice and attitude were just as funny too, again reminding me of Office Space. He ends up having to use the “Pick up the phone button” on you because you refused to answer him. In the end, our reckless coffee drinking tears apart the fragile world leaving us in an endless colorful abyss. All the while we keep drinking.

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