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Water Wheel Indie Horror Game Review

Water Wheel is a short indie horror game that takes place in a flesh covered world. Everyone lives in small apartments, with food dispensers and a PC to talk to each other. Little does everyone know there is an escape, but a steep price to pay for it.

The puzzles aren’t too difficult to beat, might take a while to figure out though. Everything you need is pretty much on the PC. The profile number, color combo, code are all randomized for each playthrough. Not too difficult to find, though it’s easy to get lost in some rooms from how dark the game can get.

Everything is covered in a strange fleshy, monstrous substance. Kind of reminds me of Writhe & Veins and a few other short horror games. Once you get out, it’s even worse, like you’re living inside of a monster. The twist was pretty good for a game jam entry. The wheel is powered by none other than flesh. Crushed by a machine, the wheel is powered by you, and the food machines for everyone are turned back on.

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