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Garten of Banban 3 Indie Horror Game Review

Garten of Banban 3 is out and the seemingly endless search for your child continues. Since the release of the first game, my sentiment has been the same as most. There’s some parts definitely worth mentioning, but I can’t recommend the game.

I think the problem me and most players have is it’s just too mundane, and not the kind of mundane horror I like. The level design, colors, etc are all seemingly too generic. The collecting parts with the crayons, buckets, are way too drawn out. Much of the game is. It’s too slow, and not fulfilling in any way. All of the rooms are huge and take longer to get through. That’s just my fair criticism.

Two parts that stand out for good reasons are the beach scene and the dark room of doom where the cryptid like mascot lurks. The face looming over the scene is the scariest thing out of any Garten of Banban game so far. Even the creepy bird from 1. It’s a pretty liminal look with a decent VHS-like filter.

Garten of Banban 3 – The Story Never Ends

Outside of the cutscenes, there’s not very much horror. It’s puzzles and walking, with seemingly no story progress or details. If it was shorter, stuck to the sort of graphics from the cutscene, and actually had additions to the story, it’d be decent. Most horror games I play have these sort of problems, but this is a ~1 hour game that’s paid.

So again while there’s a few things to like, I wouldn’t buy it. It’s a mediocre series kept alive by YouTubers, and I don’t think it’s worth $4.99. Garten of Banban 3 is more of the same, and the story has no end in sight. There’s a 4th game in the series planned now… It’s popular, but a critically reviewed series. In my opinion Garten of Banban 1 was better than 2 or 3.

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