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Haunted Horror Stories: Gone With the Wind Review

The anthology horror games series Haunted Horror Stories: Gone With the Wind is about a high school girl who walks to school and stumbles upon her doppelganger on the way. Many people have gone missing in the small town, and no hint to their whereabouts has ever come up.

Just like in the creator Spring Rabbit’s other game The House, we’re transported to a hidden world outside of time. The setup to everything is kind of slow, but it’s still pretty eerie. Constant slow and creepy music plays even in the beginning stages. It’s lonely and dark, really fitting the theme of a horror game with a town full of missing people.

The camera angles and design of the town were really polished and made the game stand out. Panning around the PSX style buildings was a great nostalgic and cinematic view. There’s a few puzzles to fetch items, none of them were hard at all. It was a breeze to play through and just experience the story.

For me the spookiest scene was running back through the dark and alien like hallway. Not sure how else to describe that, it was creepy and unexpected. What was expected was the ending twist as soon as I ran out of… “The House”.

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  1. The town’s layout and camera angles enhance the game’s appeal, while the nostalgic and dramatic view of PSX-style buildings and easy puzzles make it enjoyable to play.


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