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The Diner Review – Short Indie Horror Game

The Diner is a short indie horror game where you go searching for your friend after she goes missing at work. Her car is still around, but the place looks dark and abandoned. The game starts with a cinematic intro of your care pulling up in a spooky dramatic scene.

I’ve seen this same diner asset used three times now, and it’s still one of my favorites. It was featured in both Alone in the Diner and Ronald McDonalds. This time it has a bunch of fine details added in. There’s many unique items to interact with, which I always like to look around for. It’s darker than usual and it feels unsettling every moment you’re inside.

The emergency services “missing person” screen was a good start. I always like to see horror taking advantage of nostalgia and VHS aesthetics. It’s not too difficult to find they keys and make your way through. Actually picking up the key though… that’s a tough one honestly though because of where it is.

Walking in to see the eyes in the freezer and the ending were really well done. Besides the character saying “oh I don’t want to go that way”, you walk into the alley to be ambushed by a freaky deer shaped shadow.

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