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Another Princess is in our Castle – A Mario 64 Horror Game

Another Princess is in our Castle is a horror game set in the world of Mario 64. I really enjoyed a horror game using one of the most iconic places in gaming. It’s colorful, and always fun to explore again. This time in a castle where a psycho ghost peach chases you down.

The story is that Mario has returned to Peach’s castle to visit after her death. Turns out she’s still here though, in a way. Your goal is to make your way through the castle to find 8 statues to get through the end game door. Ghost Peach is always lurking around though and makes it pretty difficult.

Another Princess is in our Castle – Sneaking Past Peach!

Another Princess is in our Castle Yoshi trophy

You can hide in the chests in each room, which you’ll be doing a lot if you want to make it through. Besides that, don’t get trapped in dead end, there’s no way out then! It’s pretty spooky when you stare at the chest and she’s lurking around. Give it some time though, don’t jump out too fast or she’ll be after you again. She can also hear you running around when you’re close, and hiding in a chest won’t save you if she sees you do it.

So far only a demo has been released with one difficulty, but it’s a solid horror game. Though it was kind of a bummer to be suddenly stopped after putting so much effort in to get the statues. You have to be pretty careful and lucky to get to the end. If she catches you, there are no saves. You have to start all over from the beginning.

I hope to see a full version some day, Another Princess is in our Castle is a great horror game idea! It was really fun just to explore the castle when it was dark and spooky instead of it’s usual self. This is one of the greatest Mario 64 style horror games I’ve played! The trophies are actually pretty colorful and cool to collect.

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