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Guests – A Short Horror Game About Crippling Poverty

Guests is a short horror game about paying your bills and living in absolute poverty. You wake up from bed to find an uninvited repairman who rushes into your house so he can ‘repair it’. Did your son call him, or is his plan to take advantage?

Walking around the house, you really don’t have much. There’s only a few rooms and nearly zero furniture. The entire place seems pretty rundown and discolored. It really makes you imagine a reality where someone has a rough and hopeless life of poverty.

The Guests Are Here – Pay Up!

After the repairman with his creepy smile is done, he demands immediate payment. Of course we have no way to pay up, so he leaves. You want to go back to bed, but it seems a debt collector thug found his way in too. He took your bed since you couldn’t pay. The next morning you wake up covered in your own blood. Three of them came back and took your kidney as payment. How incredibly brutal.

Guests Businessman Thugs
No amount of payment is enough!

Guests has a creepy and unsettling environment that truly feels hopeless. There’s no background music and the house seems like such a rough place to live in. Besides taking your kidney, the creator of the game isn’t exaggerating much about the hardships of extreme poverty. Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 49.

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