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Nocturnal Visit – Haunted House PSX Horror Game

In Nocturnal Visit, you explore a rumored haunted house to write an article for your blog. While searching on the internet, you came across the house which was said to be ‘the spookiest haunted house’. So you get in your car to check it out and see if the rumors are true.

It’s actually pretty creepy to explore the house. The front door is boarded up, and the inside is dark and very run down. It’s also completely silent besides the sounds of you moving around. That is until you go upstairs, and hear a door open somewhere else.

Nocturnal Visit is one of the better haunted house exploration games I’ve played. I like when games take advantage of using complete silence while not resorting to jump scares. There’s also two different endings you can get. When you arrive, you can just get inside your car and ‘nope’ out of there for the good ending. If you go in and explore to the end though, there’s no going back.

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