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George Likes Lasagna Indie Horror Game Review

Created by Serious Daniel comes a funny new short horror game George Likes Lasagna. While peacefully cooking some lasagna, a large hungry man breaks into your house demanding some. You do your best to survive George and eat some tasty homemade lasagna.

With 7 different endings, there’s a lot to try out. The game constantly moves on through your endless attempts at trying to just make a basic lasagna. Which for some reason, the recipe calls for ketchup… I was okay with Pineapple on Pizza, but this food crime is a bit more difficult to accept. Your first attempt is the easiest, since George doesn’t come around until the second.

Once you open the bathroom and see the eerie message warning you “He Will Come.” George will show up at the door. Then he also shows up every attempt after adding the first ingredient to the pan. It’s freaky as hell trying to keep track of him. He’s like a weeping angel, chasing you down only when you’re not looking.

George Likes Lasagna All Endings and Closing Thoughts

George will come for lasagna bathroom graffiti

It’s pretty easy to discover all 7 endings of George Likes Lasagna. Some trial and error first, just make a lasagna with the ingredients listed to get ending 1. Then make it with too many extras to see a funnier ending. You can also feed George each of them to either kill him or get him to leave you alone!

I felt bad killing him, seems like a pretty chill dude besides being a bit hostile over the lasagna. You can also play music to get him to leave. Or just play some music and forget about the game entirely, which makes the game take away the guitar..

George Likes Lasagna is an excellent short indie horror game with funny moments and a good attention to detail. If you’re looking for more lasagna horror, check out Fears to Fathom: Home Alone, one of the best indie horror games ever. Hopefully we get to see more out of this genre.

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