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Dead Space Demake Review – A Fan Inspired Indie Horror Game

The Dead Space Demake is a PS1 style indie horror game inspired by one of the greatest horror game series. Armed with a slicer, you make your way through the ship to find the rest of the crew to find an escape.

Right from the start, you get the usual terrifying Dead Space experience as you hear a crew member getting mowed down from the other side of a door. You get a slicer to fight the alien invaders which has a pretty cool game mechanic. It does way more damage when you target the limbs to slice them off. My only complaint there is there’s only one type of alien throughout the whole thing. These guys are pretty scary though, a lot of times they’ll be right on your ass before you know it.

Gameplay wise, the game doesn’t tell you some of the more important controls. Like how to activate the stasis module which you need to move on. Not a huge deal, just takes some button mashing to figure out. It also makes it way easier to deal with the Necromorphs that come out of nowhere and give you little time to react.

Dead Space Demake Final Thoughts

The remake has all of the classic horror game elements of the original. The space suit showing your health and stasis ammo, is a fan favorite design. It looks good and shows health in an interesting way. Cutting off limbs with the slicer was a lot more fun than your conventional shoot em up. Making you strategize a bit more. The atmosphere is faithful to Dead Space, dark, eerie, and feeling like nowhere is safe. Only thing missing is over the top violence.

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