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Pineapple on Pizza Review – A Cheerful but Tragic Indie Game

At the heart of pizza controversy is the endless debate of Pineapple on Pizza. Which has now made it’s way to a colorful and wacky indie game. This game doesn’t quite get into the argument of it despite the name, but does have a really fun and unexpected ending theme!

Playing through at first, the game has nothing to do with Pineapple on Pizza yet. You just explore the island full of happy dancing villagers. There’s a lot to explore and check out, with many of them doing different dances or activities. It’s really cool to find something new, like the baby villager, the limbo game, and more.

Spoilers ahead, I wouldn’t go directly to the center of the map too quickly. In the middle of the island lies a smoking volcano. As tempting as it looks, and it is, most players jump in to see what will happen. Instead of burning to death, the volcano begins to erupt and you’re brought back outside of it.

Not the Ending We Expected!

Pineapple on Pizza surprise ending

The rest of the game after this is pretty horrifying and sad. I still wouldn’t entirely call it a horror game, and up until this point it wasn’t at all. It’s a super tragic ending though for as good as things were going.

The music was cheerful, and the dancing villagers were really uplifting. I almost wish there was a good ending! Either way, the ending that does happen turned out to be hilarious, though again terrifying. As the entire island zooms out to be a giant pizza, with a pineapple ring in the middle. The music gets more intense as the island burns, and although violent, it’s a really catchy and solid track. Nobody survives, with giant rocks destroying even those trying to escape.

Pineapple on Pizza is an excellent short game with a perfect soundtrack, ending, and environment. The colors are bright, beautiful, and smooth, along with the villager models. A truly relaxing and uplifting indie game up until the end. Although I personally disagree with it, you are free to put whatever you like on your pizza.

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