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Office Kiss: Edge of Humanity Body Horror Game Review

Office Kiss: Edge of Humanity is a short body horror game where you try to kiss in the office and not get caught by your bass. You can unlock more body deforming upgrades the more you kiss. Which in return gives you more points per kiss.

This bizarre little game gets even weirder as your boss, who for some reason is also a baby, is constantly jumping around trying to catch you. Dude needs to mind his own business. You get 3 shots before losing, but can also buy extra warnings. It’s only 100 kisses so you can pretty much keep doing that as much as you like.

It’s not a very difficult game, though it does get a bit faster towards the end. Office Kiss: Edge of Humanity is a fun short body horror experience that you can beat in 5 minutes or so. Seeing what the next upgrades would do was pretty fun, though I would’ve liked to see it go even more extreme.

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