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The Microwave Paradox Indie Horror Game Review

In The Microwave Paradox, a mysterious microwave producing company sends you an offer to try out their “Super Microwave”. They don’t say what makes it super, but hey free stuff. All they ask is that you only put food in it.

Quickly ignoring the weird VHS tapes advice, you can shove all sorts of garbage into the microwave. Some donuts, a burger, then some soda bottles, other junk. After busting it up, the super microwave company calls you all p*ssed off about it and sends their sales manager to take your life as payment. Hard to blame them, it was a perfectly good microwave.

Serious Daniel has been on a impressive streak of these weird indie horror games. They’re short, but funny concepts with a great attention to detail. The little dark city outside of the window was a neat touch. Then the weird magazines on the floor that look like something AI generated out of Babbdi.

The Microwave Paradox is a great short indie horror game for any fan to try out. It’s around a 5 minute playthrough, with no extra endings this time. Very funny and memorable, hope to see these keep coming!

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