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Unsorted VHS Review – One of the Best Found Footage Horror Games

Searching through a box of five mysterious tapes, Unsorted VHS is a horror game where you uncover their secrets. You wake up in the dark room with a voice telling you to remember, and watch the tapes. Everything is connected, find out how you got here.

From the start I knew this would be an amazing indie horror game. A box of five strange tapes, each their own creepy looking atmospheric world. The puzzle slowly reveals itself through each one, mostly answering intriguing questions from the others. Putting everything together, it isn’t overly difficult to figure out the puzzles and to make it inside the cabin tape.

Thought more tapes and locations are listed at the security hut, we only have five to check out. The Mountainview Primary School, The Looker, The Cabin Anomaly Investor Briefing, Security Room, and finally the Cabin Anomaly tape itself.

Unsorted VHS Story Explained

Unsorted VHS Cabin Anomaly

Each of the tapes recounts research done by The Sceptre Foundation (totally not SCP). They sought to research the group of cabins shown on the Cabin Anomaly tape. These cabins in particular are like none other, having the ability to teleport to one another. Despite their research, they were never able to find the elusive 6th cabin… which we regrettably stumble upon. It turns out to be an alien experiment or something beings from another dimension invented.

We get stuck in their world while playing around with the cabins too long. It’s dark, grey, and perilous. Seriously creepy, and a perfect ending to this horror game. At one point it even looks like they tried to get people to invest in them as a revolutionary way of travel, according to the tape. Wonder what happened to them, and the kids who originally stumbled across them? Probably the same fate as ourselves.

Final Thoughts

VHS style horror games are some of my favorites and Unsorted VHS turned out to be one of the best of all time. For $2, this short horror experience is definitely worth it. The colors, VHS effects, and atmospheric sounds blend perfectly together. Every moment is creepy and interesting. While I joked about it, The Sceptre Foundation is a clever name and a fun callback to the world of SCP’s. Unsorted VHS has a great horror story that doesn’t rely on any jump scares.

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