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Future Racer 2000 Indie Horror Game Review

In a locked down, parasite infested world, Future Racer 2000 is the only fun anyone has had since it started. A weird and self proclaimed Census Business called everyone and sent a free console and copy of the game. Everyone is left questioning why and how they could even afford it.

The Future Racer 2000 game itself has some pretty neat classic gaming and arcade aesthetics. It’s purple night time graphics, upbeat soundtrack, and even game name are all around perfect. It’s a pretty simple game by itself though. You just have to hit the arrow in whichever direction it’s showing, pretty easy to win at first.

After the first play though, it takes over your mind stronger than any game addiction ever possibly could. Making your character go insane over the high score, and even giving up sleep over it. Besides the game, you luckily have your friend Henry to rely on. Poor dude is so bored all he can do is eat apples, even though he hates them. I loved the phone calls he made, it’s a hilarious little bit to the game.

Future Racer 2000 Story Explained

Future Racer 2000 Bob at your door

In the wake of a mysterious parasitic bug called Parascaphism, everyone is confined indoors. Nobody is allowed to leave or come in. The game presents a lot of questions about this bug and what it does to everyone. It’s pretty freaky to see what happens to those who get it later in the game.

Looking outside your apartment is a mob of blank zombie like people. Your character hardly seems to mind, acting like it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Same when he see’s Bob acting so strange. A good theory is however the Parascaphism infection started, the strange Census Business is behind it. Likely a fake name or front, they sent the consoles in hopes of spreading the bug even further. It was their way to reach those who were inside and still safe from it.

The brain bug might have even taken over peoples minds to start the company and plot to take over via the Future Racer 2000 videogame. Taking around 30 minutes to play, Future Racer 2000 is a short and spooky horror game worth trying. It’s a fun story to think about, and a fresh take on a mind control horror concept.

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