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Bio Evil 4 Review – A Resident Evil Inspired Arcade Fan Game

Created in a beautiful pixel art arcade style, Bio Evil 4 is an indie horror game where you play as Leon in a platforming horror world. With inspiration from Resident Evil 4, you run and gun through the stage filled with everything trying to kill you.

There’s knife ladies, charging pitchfork madmen, and more. Each of the presenting a new challenge you have to overcome. Bio Evil 4 has a pretty tough learning curve. It’ll remind some gamers of past arcade, NES, and similar games that were just so difficult. Luckily the game isn’t nearly as long as those. I got used to the enemies and paths after dying 10 or so times at each section.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for playing on the “Baby” difficulty. Just after overcoming a hard part, it seems like there’s always another challenge to take you out. The dynamite section, wow. That’s the peak moment where the game really wants to kill you.

Difficulty aside, the creator did masterful work on the pixel art. All of the characters, backgrounds, buildings, everything looks amazing. It really sets that Resident Evil mood of darkness and impending doom along with berserk enemies hunting you down. Along with the soundtrack it kind of even reminds me of some old Gameboy games.

Final Thoughts

Bio Evil 4 Leon shooting at the chainsaw boss

Bio Evil 4 is a fulfilling challenge to overcome and features excellent level design and pixel art. The final chainsaw boss was an awesome ending where you have to save Claire. The save rooms with the typewriters and classic healing herbs was a nice touch. With all my deaths on normal difficulty you can expect to play for around 20 minutes or more.

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