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Entity Room Review – Feed Prisoners to an SCP Entity

It’s your first day at your new section called the Entity Room. You’re the sole operator at a secret underground facility, who’s job is to feed prisoners to the alien entity. You carefully open the doors to let it in to eat it’s victims, and then have to clean the aftermath.

Entity Room has an SCP like theme, where an unknown entity with strange behaviors is kept in heavy isolation. It feels like something could go wrong at any moment, where the beast gets loose and takes you as a victim. Sadly we cant open the doors ourselves to free the prisoners, or entity. Would’ve made a fun few endings.

Gameplay wise, we’re more of a spectator for the Entity. It was fun to open the cell doors, but you don’t see or hear much going on. The aftermath is pretty gruesome though, and they send in the janny (you) to clean it up.

The VHS effects of Entity Room made it feel like we’re watching found footage of the incident. The game also has an interesting story that fits usual SCP narrative. A low class worker is assigned to a dangerous site, and is deemed expendable in the end.

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