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The Roach Apartment Indie Horror Game Review

Welcome to The Roach Apartment! Finally, a place that promises to be completely roach free. In No-Snake Hotel fashion, that promise is quickly broken and you fall victim to the roach scam.

For a short indie horror game, I really loved the theme. The Roach Apartment is both hilarious, and at the end, terrifying. I have a new appreciation for roach art, which was perfectly done in all of the pictures. Light sabers, seductive roaches, etc. If only there was more. Besides that, it can be a bit tricky to get the true ending.

Make sure to check every door, because only one in particular opens in order for you to progress. Then at that point you get ambushed by the first giant roach. The right thing to do there though, is to snatch the key and run back to the door on the left. That’s how you make your way to another hallway, and the elevator to escape. Or else you’re stuck here forever after you get roached.

If you’re someone who jumps in terror at roaches, you’ll want to skip this one. The jump scares were pretty loud and unexpected. For a less than 5 minute horror game, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

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