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On The Bus – An Amazing and Bizarre Bus Horror Game

On The Bus is a multi ending indie horror game that tells a story of a killer, and the fate of his family members. While taking an extra long bus ride home, you talk to the few other passengers aboard and trade items around. Depending on who you talk to and what you take, a different story will be revealed.

It’s a creative and fun approach to a short PS1 style indie horror game. There’s a lot of small things to look out for, and a lot of replayability to check out because of it. You can just leave the bus whenever you want, but to get the other endings, make sure to try out different trade combinations.

On The Bus Story and Endings Explained

On the Bus sleeping passenger dialogue scene

After trading stuff like coffee, pizza, etc. you can leave the bus and interact with the item your holding. There’s also a lot of different ways to interpret some endings. The one where you take the scissors and just unleash complete mayhem… this ending makes it obvious you are the killer that’s being described the entire time.

There’s a few endings where you get the flowers, possibly opening up the possibility that your father was the killer. Same with the noose, where you were a left behind survivor and can no longer live with the dread. There’s also a fun secret ending if you turn on the radio and give the goose some pizza. He’ll drop a coin, and you’ll be rich! Must’ve been a rare coin. Make sure to look out for the lighter that falls under the seat in front of the sleeping guy! Talk to him for another amazing ending.

Final Thoughts

The variety of endings and details in On The Bus makes it one of my favorite indie horror games. It’s a chill experience, but one that can also be horrifying, and excessively violent if you choose right. The grammar is a bit choppy, but you can still make out what they mean most of the time. I thought the dialogue from the guy who drops the lighter was amazing, seriously the best of the game. If you’re going to try this out, definitely go for that ending.

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