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Incident at Grove Lake Indie Horror Game Review

Incident at Grove Lake is an indie horror game depicting the different types of alien encounters. In a found footage view style, you witness an abduction from a massive alien ship. The tape was given to you by a terrified Area 51 worker, trying to expose the aliens infiltration in the military and government.

With alien abduction games, I usually don’t enjoy them so much since they follow the usual cliche’s. Incident at Grove Lake, however made the game super interesting right from the start. The cinematic intro scene and build up of tension from the fleeing worker really gets you into the game. I also always enjoy a short walk through a PSX style city.

What made the game unexpectedly terrifying was the scale of the ship and light beams coming from it. It was tough to comprehend just what was in the sky from the massive amount of light shooting across the sky. I thought there could be a reveal that the entire sky was covered by the ship.

Incident at Grove Lake is one of the best short alien themed indie horror games I’ve played. The story, attention to detail, and voice acting is impressive for a ~20 minute game. The ending scene dialogue is just like something you’d hear in a movie where the crazy person breaks down and might seem not so believable.

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