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The Last Note From Dad Point & Click Horror Game Review

The last thing your dad left you before his mysterious disappearance was a note with some strange drawings. In the Last Note From Dad, you explore an island depicted in his note to find out what might have happened to him.

Like many classic PC and flash games from the past, this point and click horror adventure features picture realistic graphics. These are the types of games that used to give me and the pioneers of flash game players nightmares. The eyes following you from screen to screen was perfect. Creepy, well placed, and designed.

The Last Note From Dad may only be around a minute long, but it’s better than many of my other favorite indie horror games. I can’t even complain about it’s length. In a short bundle it has a interesting background story, an unsettling creepy feel the entire way through, and a perfect end which doesn’t rely on a jump scare.

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