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Intruder Flash Horror Game Story Explained

Intruder is one of the oldest point & click horror flash games from back in the day. Still holding up to this day, you answer the call of your friend Sarah who says a man has broken into her house.

It still shines as a favorite for the players due to it’s insanely creepy atmosphere and graphics using real photos. The entirely of the game puts you on edge, and you enter and share the house with a killer lurking around. He could be anywhere, and you have to make smart decisions and risks to get out alive.

Since the game seems to have a resurgence in popularity, I wanted to answer a lot of questions people may have about the game and ending. Intruder is really known for it’s scares and decisions you can make to escape the killer in certain scenes, and to get a different ending.

Intruder Story and Endings Explained

There’s a few small details that many players can easily overlook, but gives a tiny hint to the games endings. In the best ending, you should choose to let her shoot you. This way you both come out unharmed! If you remember back to where you got the gun and bullets, there’s a case of empty blanks. Which Sarah took, so no bullet for you!

If you choose to tackle her, you will get one of the bad endings. She mistakes you for the intruder and in the scuffle, you end up accidentally shooting her dead. If you shoot her first, she survives but the physical and emotional recovery will take a long time.

“Next time you shoot someone, you better make sure they’re dead!”

No matter the ending, the Intruder survives all of you shots, including the one to the like the trope where the killer doesn’t die through ridiculous amounts of damage and violence. Sort of like how Michael Myer’s can soak up as many bullets as he wants and come back for you. The phone call at the end of the game is from him, giving you one last jump scare.

He taunts you saying you should have made sure he was dead, though who would have expected that? The last image is a cut scene of him with a knife outside a house, maybe your house?

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