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No-Snake Hotel – A Parody Indie Horror Game Review

The No-Snake Hotel is a fantastic new lodging that’s proud to say they have a 99.99% snake free guarantee. No more worrying about snakes crawling into your bed or down your throat at night. However, the hotel is definitely not what it seems right from the start.

Right from the elevator, it seems like a pretty nice place. Oddly empty though, with no people around, or snakes… Just notes that seem overly enthusiastic about there not being any snakes. So it’s kind of obvious how this one will end. It’s funny how the creator made it obvious and kept piling on the ridiculous unbelievable notes.

The one random snake slithering off out of nowhere was perfect. Kind of expected, but still funny to just blow up the theme of the hotel with it. No Snakes… expect this one. Then the ending chase was scary and intense. Running from a giant snake into a busted elevator. There was never any escape from the No-Snake Hotel.

They did say 99.99% guarantee. Some small secrets in the earlier parts of the game would have been fun to look around for, like in Death Trips. Still a good gag and fun short horror game. The Roach Apartment followed suit and turned out to be another one of my favorites too.

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