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I Am Dave Review – A Horror Game About Many Conspiracies

I Am Dave is a weird PS1 style indie horror game about a man living in a strange world filled with conspiracies. The main one being that everyone is slowly turning into a Dave. The news guy, co-workers, radio host, and even your neighbors.

It’s pretty hard to get a grasp on exactly what’s happening in this game, but it’s still very enjoyable. You’re best off just going with it all. There’s a lot of posters, and objects to interact with that you should always check out. They are all pretty fascinating and fit together in this small and strange world. The posters were some of my top favorites, pretty funny and unique.

There isn’t much gameplay though, so I would sort of categorize it into a walking simulator, but it’s still worth playing for any indie horror game fan. Every day, and every room in I Am Dave is a fun new surprise. Whether it be a conspiracy or something totally unexpected. The faces and character designs are very unique to this game. Kind of creepy, but a cartoonish and unique art style.

At around 15 minutes long, I Am Dave is a fun short adventure full of conspiracies and excellent details. Again, not much gameplay, but it’s worth downloading to experience the world of Daves. There’s time travelers, aliens, secret agents, and lizard people. A perfect combo for many.

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